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Canadian viewing habits over time have evolved. Canadians today have more content available than ever before, with the ability to watch what they want, how they want it, and how much they want to consume.
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1- Do you use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop when watching TV?
I like to focus just on what’s happening on the show.
The fewer distractions, the better!
I tweet, pin, post to Facebook, and research character and plot info while watching. There’s so much more to learn and talk about than what’s happening on the screen. #serialtweeter #ilovemyTV
2- In an average week, approximately how much time do you spend watching TV?
I watch a few shows regularly (but wouldn’t call myself a mega-fan of any one in particular), and catch whatever’s on when I sit down to relax.
I am pretty loyal to two or three shows and don’t miss an episode. Outside of these, I’m familiar with a few others and know what I like, but my TV knowledge is far from comprehensive.
I am a TV devotee. I have four or five shows that I watch each week and semi-regularly keep up four or five more. I’ve seen it all and can talk the talk with the best of them.
3- When you watch TV, do you usually watch live or record episodes to watch later?
I don’t want to wait to see what happens.
Wednesday at 8 PM or Thursday at 9:30 I know exactly where I’ll be.
I’m a pretty busy person, but I need to catch up with all of the shows I love, too. I want watching TV to fit my schedule, not the other way around.
4- What is the greatest number of episodes that you’ve watched back-to-back during a single day?
There are only so many hours in a day that my body can handle on a couch. I need some more variety.
Gives me a chance to immerse myself in the characters and really get into the plot.
I’m completely obsessed and glued to the screen.
Nothing can slow me down!
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